Our Mission

Cultural issues such as divorce, anxiety, depression, identity, trauma and the impact of technology require greater emotional support for students.

The need exists for intermediate, Christ-centered interventions that fill the gap between traditional classroom approaches and long-term residential programs.

Mission: Breakthrough seeks to fill a gap that exists in our community as we offer Christian counseling and alternative education through individualized programming for hurting students and their families.

This approach allows Breakthrough to incorporate certain aspects of residential centers while actively working on relationships in the home. We work alongside families as their students live at home, providing individualized programming at an affordable cost to meet the distinctive needs of each student.

Our Team

Krysta Winter, LPC-MH, QMHP

Krysta is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Breakthrough. Krysta has been providing clinical mental health counseling in the Sioux Falls area for nine years and has a passion for working with adolescents and their families. Krysta has focused on learning about the brain and how our life experiences impact us. She is trained in EMDR and other evidenced based models to assist in addressing areas of need in individual and family counseling. What drew Krysta to Breakthrough is the ability to use both clinical models and what we know from scripture about how God created us in order to facilitate growth and healing.

Rob Vande Lune

Rob became the Director of Breakthrough in June 2020 after working in three churches, one third world country, and the public school system. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Dordt University (‘02) and a Masters of Divinity in Transformational Leadership from Bethel Seminary (‘13). As the Director of Breakthrough, Rob’s responsibilities are focused in four areas – mission and strategy, programs and operations advocacy, people development, and financial performance and viability. What brought Rob to Breakthrough was the opportunity to be part of a ministry that could bring a piece of God’s kingdom to students and their families in a gap that exists in the Sioux Falls community.

Our Service

All of Breakthrough’s programming – counseling, mentoring, education and family involvement – will be Christ-centered. Breakthrough counseling has a clinical theology approach. This approach is undergirded by Breakthrough’s biblical, Christ-centered foundation that encompasses a triune and holistic approach for the student’s body, soul and spirit. It’s not just about mental health, as we desire to have the whole student healthy by providing individualized programming that corresponds to these needs.

Our programming not only impacts the client, but is also designed to work with parents and the family system. Family plays a vital and active role in their student’s progress and sometimes the whole family is on the journey of Breakthrough together.

Our Values

Biblical Foundation

Scripture is a God-breathed story that is alive through the Holy Spirit to help reveal and identify.


Culture is tough, so we will be a safe space for students and their families.


We will help students know who they are and whose they are to help free and initiate them into what God has for them.


God has for more each of us than we realize and Breakthrough will students see their purpose and passion.


Healthy families are the best environment for a student’s holistic development.


It takes more than just us, so we will intentionally partner with the church and community

Our Guiding Principles

God is a God of

–  Story

–  Design

–  Refuge

–  Truth

–  Relationship

–  Renewal

–  Light

Let today mark a new journey for you and your family.

We are here to help.