A time of stillness is designed to initiate the real transformation your student needs. Our goal in the Stillness phase is for your student to find their calm spaces, to find within themselves the longing for changes to take place, and the desire to do the hard work of change. Stillness helps students and parents come to a place of realization that change is needed.

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As students begin longing for change, they recognize changes are needed in their life. Your student starts to see it will take a commitment. They can question if the change is needed or if it’s worth the effort it will take. They begin to take ownership of what they can step into to change with the work of the Holy Spirit.

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Reaching takes courage from your student and you as you navigate this journey together. Reworking of how we respond to our emotions and beliefs, it is crucial to work alongside licensed trained Christian counselors. Our counselors value who your student is in Christ and who God has purposed them to be. 

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Breakthrough is experiencing the joy of heart changes in areas that at one time seemed hopelessly lost. Breakthroughs will look different for each student and family on the journey. Calmness, openness, awareness, action, growth and movement are just some of the ways that the journey might make a difference.

Let today mark a new journey for you and your family.

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