Knowing WHOse I Am

As a Christian faith-based program, we promote God’s word as the catalyst for life transformation. Christ-centered faith awareness and spiritual growth opportunities are a vital part of Breakthrough programming. Two questions that Breakthrough will be asking throughout a student’s Breakthrough process is “Who am I?” and “Whose am I?”

Stillness allows for opportunities to experience who I am and whose am I. The work of the Holy Spirit instills a desire of ​longing​ for change to take place. Reaching is the hope for light to overcome the dark. Through stillness, longing and reaching, God frees us to experience ​Breakthroughs​ in all areas of our life.

We are designed by God with incredible areas of concentration that are interwoven together. God’s truths hold these together and are the catalyst for transformation.

Spiritual​ (Identity, Significance & Calling)

Family​ (Healing, Functioning & Caring)

Emotional​ (Counseling & Thinking)

Social/Relational ​(Maturity & Peer Relationships)

Behavioral ​(Relational Styles & Rebellion)

Academics​ (Study Skills & Responsibility)

Breakthrough will consist of four levels. A student will enter into the level of programming that best fits their needs. Admission to a specific level and programming components will be based on symptoms of drifting away, defiance, and desperation in a student’s life. Programming components will be implemented in connection to the student’s individual and family needs. The following are the possible programming components that will be a part of the student’s Breakthrough Care Plan.

Consistent prayer for student and family

Individualized Care Plan

Spiritual Life Mentoring

Individual Counseling

Family Counseling

Church Partnership

Student Process and/or Education Group

Family Process and/or Education Group

Alternative Education – Level 3 & 4 specific

Safety Plans/Safe Places

Student and/or Parent Resources/Retreats

Community Resources/Referrals

Let today mark a new journey for you and your family.

We are here to help.